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Steamforged Previews Season 3 Harry "The Hat" for Guild Ball

Another day, another new Season 3 preview for Guild Ball.
With every model being free to play in Guild Ball (except for captains and mascots, really), that means that every model must be exactly as good as any other, since there's no points cost to differentiate power levels between players. You can't say, "well, sure this character is just better. They also cost a lot more to put on the field." That means that any character that's underperforming will simply not get used at all (instead of some people saying, "well, it's cheaper, so it's a good choice."). Well, Harry "the Hat" wasn't being used all that often. So he needed to be fixed. And fixed he was for Season 3.
But along with Harry, we get a general look at the Union for the upcoming season.

Harry got a lot of changes. It's that simple. His Influence was upped to 2/4. He has a 2" melee zone now. His Playbook is full of pushes and damage, with some knockdown sprinkled in. His Inspiring Hat trait now helps Union players be more efficient with Momentum. He's just an all-round better player and one more likely to see the pitch in the upcoming months.

As for those two cards there, they're what is replacing the "Selective" rule that Union models used to have. Now, each Guild will have its own card listing out what Union members will work for them. Beyond that, the Guild Card will also have any Guild-wide special rules listed on it. The first Guild that will really make use of that is the Farmer's Guild with their Harvest tokens.