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Steamforged Previews Season 3 Cards for Midas

Some figures changed very little as we head into Season 3 for Guild Ball. Midas isn't one of those figures. He had a play that would copy the effects of some other player's play, swapping it out and now making the Alchemists' Guild captain able to use it whenever. While that sounds like a cool ability on paper, in actual practice it has meant a lot of extra time dealing with character plays in the game, as Steamforged didn't want to accidentally create an unbalanced situation with Midas getting an ability they'd prefer he didn't have. So that got changed, but that's not the only thing.

Midas is a goal-scorer. That's pretty plain to see. He's fast. He has a good Kick (which can be further augmented by Super Shot), he's light-footed, and can dodge away from an enemy if they enter melee with him. He also spends 1 less Momentum when making Teamwork actions. That's... huge. Give-and-go, snap-shot, all cheaper. Considering how limited and precious a resource such as Momentum is, making it cheaper, even for just one character, is pretty good, especially if that character's probably going to be doing a lot on the field, like a captain should be.

Yes, as a Fisherman player, I'm still a bit jealous of Midas' abilities on the pitch.