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Steamforged Previews Season 3 Bonesaw for Guild Ball

One of the teams I play against the most often in Guild Ball is the Mortician's Guild. It's Blackstock's go-to team. So I've had some experience with dealing with them. They're a rather hard team to pin down, always bouncing around wherever they want to go and stabbing you in the back for your trouble. Bonesaw, like many models, did much of what Steamforged wanted, but not entirely. He's getting updated in Season 3.

Bonesaw can still jump around and over other models, but it's a little more reigned in, being moved to a Heroic play. But he does get a +1 DEF bump during parting blows. He can get another DEF bump if he scores a goal, which shouldn't be too hard to do considering his 3/8" Kick and his Meditation play. Though it's not just goals where he gets specials. His Football Dervish ability lets him essentially "bounce" the ball off a friendly player.

Steamcon's this weekend, and then we'll be getting all the cards released online. I know I can't wait.