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Steamforged Previews Season 3 Blackheart Stats

Arguably the toughest models to balance in any game are the mercenary figures. You have to make sure that they work not only with their own group of figures, but also with potentially every other model in the game. And while the captain of the Union won't be mixing with models from other Guilds, they still have to make a bunch of other models that might not share a lot of common traits still feel like a cohesive team. Today's Season 3 Guild Ball preview comes in the form of Blackheart.

Blackheart lost a bit of his direct damage-dealing in favor of being more of a "team captain." Misdirection had its cost cut in half, but is now only able to be used once per turn. On My Mark allows another player on the team to make a kick without spending influence. That's great for when an unexpected model ends up with the ball but you really wish they didn't have it. All of that doesn't mean that Blackheart can't deal damage or help his team do it. Butchery adds an extra damage against a target model. Great for taking out a key player on the opponent's team right when you need to.