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Steamforged Previews Pride For Guild Ball

The Solthecian Church has taken over the Union in Guild Ball. In Season 4, they're going to be the Minor Guild for the team, and a bit of restructuring will be done as some players get shifted around as to who can and can't work for whom. But, since they'll be their own Minor Guild, that means they need a mascot. That mascot comes in the form of Pride, a huge lion. We get a look at his rules in this preview.

From the post:

Pride is the new mascot for the Union and as stated in our previous blog will become the mascot for The Order at the beginning of season 4. The most important thing about Pride is the obvious, he’s a massive lion! Take a look at his sculpt, he dwarfs all other mascots in the game and is truly a sight to behold on the pitch.