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Steamforged Previews New Season 3 Players For Guild Ball

The year is coming to an end. We've got just over a week left. Time to look forward to next year. We've already seen some releases for January and February from Steamforged Games for Guild Ball. But they're not stopping there. They're marching right into March with three new figures that you can pre-order now.

Starting out, the Alchemists are getting Crucible. The Guild is already known for their work with various conditions they'll put on the enemy team. Well, Crucible makes those even more effective. Fires burn hotter. Poisons work more rapidly. Your opponents will be too busy stopping, dropping, and rolling, or heaving up their guts to keep you from scoring goals. Moving on, the Engineers are getting Locus. Locus is the next generation in automaton technology. They're able to manipulate the ball at range, being able to pass, kick, or tackle at a distance, meaning your opponents will have a tough time getting the ball through, while you are able to get it just where you want it. The Engineers already have good ball control. Now it's taken to the next level. Finally, there's the new Union Captain. What's her name? ... Umm... Union Captain! The Union isn't well-known for their goal-scoring potential, and that's something the new captain is looking to fix. They also don't always play together very well. That's something else she's looking to work on. She'll bring an entirely new playstyle to the team.

These figures are available to order now, with shipping to happen in March.