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Steamforged Previews New Harry the Hat Minis For Guild Ball

The Union in Chains event continues along. It sees the Union guild captured, tortured, interrogated, and then make a break for freedom. Who will make it out? Who will end up with other guilds? Well, we know some things if you've been reading along with the fluff and following the results (all my teams are losing... so I'll end up with nothing, apparently). We've got a new preview for you today.
Note: spoilers if you've not read the story yet.

From the post:

The results have been counted from Week 3 and the Brewers and Alchemists seem pretty confident about bringing their respective Union members into their line-ups. It's all to play for going into the final two weeks of open play, then the final chance to influence the results will take place at SteamCon UK. To take a look at the sculpts you could be playing for see below