Steamforged Previews New Guild Ball Releases

Steamcon was just last weekend, and we're still pouring over all the information given at the show. The Season 3 cards have also been up online this week. I know I've been looking over them daily, looking for what all has changed. Well, it's not just the old, but the new. There's a trio of new previews posted in their webshop.

First off, Veteran Ox. Spoilers from the Butcher's Guild Civil War event, I guess. Ox isn't dead, apparently. They kept saying he was, but apparently not. Then, for Morticians, they get two players in one... sort of. Brainpain & Memory are going to be interesting to see how they work. Who wants to bet they have Puppet Master as a play? As for the Fishermen, they get Hag, who will apparently give them more movement shenanigans. *maniacal laughter, as I'm a Fish player* Also shown are the Season III Guild Plot cards.

All of those will be released in... February...
Anyone able to manipulate time so that can get here much, much faster?

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