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Steamforged Previews Mataagi For The Falconer's Guild

With the Ratcatcher's hitting pitches, it's time to start looking at the next of the Minor Guilds that will be coming to Guild Ball. They're the Falconers, a Minor for the Hunter's Guild. Today's our first look at what they're capable of and, man, it's quite a bit, getting an eyeful of this first figure. He's one of the 2 that will be able to play alongside the Hunter's. It's Mataagi.

From the post:

Well this is exciting isn’t it. The reveal of the first model from a brand new Guild. Oh boy. Well, we say this is exciting, we assume a lot of you have already skipped down the page in a frenzied rush to get at the model rules and are now reading this as a sort of afterthought, but that’s okay. No judgement here. It’s a big, big day and we understand if you got overexcited and skipped ahead in violation of all the standard rules of how to read a blog.

Anyway, let’s get into revealing the VERY FIRST FALCONER, MATAAGI!