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Steamforged Previews Kraken For Season 3 Guild Ball

My main team in Guild Ball is the Fishermen. A major part of my team strategy for them is getting my opponents tied down to Kraken. With a 40mm base and 2" reach, he takes up a lot of board space. So it was with a lot of anticipation that I was looking forward to see his new card for Season 3. As everyone's getting a lot of changes, big and small, I was wondering what was going to happen to one of my favorite players in the game. Well, we now know what he'll be like.

He's had two changes to his stat block. That being DEF 3+ and ARM 0. He used to be 2/1. So it's a bit harder to hit him, but he's obviously not got any armor on to stop a hit (though he does retain Tough Hide as his one character trait). He still has his Momentous Knock-down in his first column, which is what I was happy to see stay. Having him run in and knock the enemy team down onto their ass is a big part of what I would use him for. The changes that were made to his playbook include some more pushes. Considering he has two character plays that deal with push/pull, the fact that he didn't have any on his previous playbook seemed odd. So that was fixed.

All in all, he's much the same as he was, but refined more towards what Steamforged wanted the Fisherman's Guild to be. I, for one, like the changes and look forward to using this new version on the pitch.