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Steamforged Previews Kick Off Set For Guild Ball

A couple days ago, Steamforged Games announced that they were going to be coming out with the first ever 2-player starter set for Guild Ball. It's going to be a fairly comprehensive kit, having two full teams, a pitch, tokens, and all other sorts of stuff inside. People have been wanting some more details, and so Steamforged has posted a deeper look inside what, exactly, you'll be getting.

The folks over at Steamforged wanted to try and tap into the "board gamer" demographic with the kit. Having the figures be pre-assembled in brightly-colored plastic, having the pitch be printed on traditional "board game" stock and fold out like a board game board, giving you all the tokens you need right in the box. All of it is meant to give you a self-contained gaming experience. So it'd be just as at home on the shelf with your Zombicides and your Descents and your ... Umm... Candylands... as it would be with your other miniatures games.

The new set will be available on November 25th.