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Steamforged Previews Horizon For Navigator's Guild

The Navigator's Guild is the minor guild for the Fisherman's Guild in Guild Ball (Guild! Guild! Guild! Guild! Guild! Have I typed it enough now?). They are the first team that will be released under Season 4 rules. So, getting a preview of their stats, we get a bit of a look at how Season 4 will work along with it. In this first preview, we check out Horizon. Don't let the front of the card confuse you, the back's where it's at.

From the post:

So before we dig into the specifics of Horizon himself, there are a few newer elements of the Season 4 style character card to talk about. Firstly, the overall size of the playbooks and each result have been increased by about 20%. This is mainly just to make playbooks super easy to read and it gives us a little more wiggle room for the busier playbook results. Secondly, you’ll notice a brand-new symbol on Horizon’s playbook that looks kind of like a Guild Ball trophy. This symbol replaces the older ‘double Guild Ball’ playbook result. We mainly changed this symbol because with the double GB symbol we used to get questions like ‘can I spend a double GB symbol to use two single GB symbol character plays?’ Having two distinctly different symbols for triggering character plays should help to prevent this type of confusion. With that cleared up let’s talk about what Horizon brings to the table.