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Steamforged Previews Harriet The Hat for Guild Ball

I guess that headline should have "spoiler warning" in it, but at this point, if you've not read the fluff for the Exiles box for Guild Ball, that's on you. Long story short, not everybody made it out alive, and Harry is no more. However, his hat lives on and has found a new owner in the form of a young Engineering student. And so we get Harriet the Hat. Check out her new cards below.

From the post:

It’s another Exile reveal today folks! Just before we bounce into this, to catch up with last week’s reveal of Veteran Hemlocke, check it out here.

Even though the New Alliances box has already been pre-released at Salute, we’re still going to be going over the remaining two models in these blog posts and talking about options and cool things they can do. This week we’re going to go for a calculated approach. A carefully engineered article about one of the cogs in the mighty machine of the New Alliances box. That’s right, it’s Veteran Harriet ‘The Hat’!