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Steamforged Previews Guild Identities for Guild Ball

Before a game, professional teams will do a lot to prepare for their upcoming opponent. That includes particular training regimens that are designed to specifically beat what the other team usually brings to the match. Until now, Guild Ball has lacked such a details. But Steamforged is looking to change that with their Guild Identities cards. They'll be coming fully in Season 4, but they're previewing the first of them now and looking for everyone's feedback, much like they did with Guild Formations.

From the announcement:

Guild Identities, or Guild Identity cards (GICs), have been knocking around the Steamforged Development team as an idea for a while. We have been exploring our options for how to deploy these into the world of Guild Ball and two things happened that made us pause for thought. Firstly, the huge success of the Pitch Formations preview in both community engagement and the responses we received from you. Secondly, that we don’t want to wait until Guild Ball Season 4 at the end of 2018 before we reveal Guild Identities to you, because we think they’re such an awesome idea! So, just what are Guild Identities?

Guild Identities represent the team coach (you!) having done some research into the opposing team to analyse their strengths and weaknesses. The coach then trains their own team to play slightly differently to gain the upper hand and hopefully increase their own chances of winning the match. This is something that happens regularly in a number of real-life sports such as Football (Soccer) and American Football.

To represent this type of training in Guild Ball, we decided to explore the idea of each Guild having access to a small hand of cards, each one detailing an extra ability that will affect your team for the duration of the match. This represents you as the Coach selecting a particular strategy and telling your team what to do when they go out onto the Pitch. We intend for each Guild to have access to around three Guild Identities. If being used at an event, a different Guild Identity can be chosen for use in each match to represent the Coach training their team differently for each opponent.