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Steamforged Previews Frelsi For Falconer's Guild

Almost every team in Guild Ball has a mascot (Blacksmiths just have to be different like that...). In the case of the Falconer's Guild, as one would expect, it's a bird of prey. Specifically, Frelsi, a bald eagle. Get a look at her stats in this new preview.

From the post:

The most striking thing about Frelsi is her ability to soar across the Guild Ball field with her 5”/9” MOV. This combined with her exceptional kick stat (for a mascot) means this eagle can easily divebomb the ball into the goal. Her above average TAC allows her to effectively use her very simple playbook, which gives her opportunities to deal damage and dodge with a few momentous results here and there. Despite her above average health pool for a mascot, her 4+ DEF with 0 ARM means opponents can clip her wings if required.

Frelsi has a single character play, Snare, that (unsurprisingly) allows her to apply the snared condition to an enemy model. This character play can only be triggered from the playbook, however the trigger does appear on the first column of her playbook, momentously to boot. Combined with her high movement, this allows her to apply the snare condition wherever it’s needed.