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Steamforged Previews February Releases

The Blacksmith's Guild is the newest team to hit the pitches of Guild Ball. They're a unique team in that they don't have captains and mascots. It's all just masters and apprentices. For now, there's little variation in teams, as mostly just those first 6 figures are available. But if you're waiting for the next batch to hit stores, you'll be waiting until February. Steamforged is also showing off an alternate Bolt model you get when you pre-order through your LGS.

About the release:

Hearth is a Master Blacksmith who brings her unparalleled expertise to the pitch, and dominates through sheer force of will. If her teammates don’t have the right tool for the job, Hearth’s experienced eye will pick out the weapon they need, or point out the weak point in an enemy’s armor.

Hearth’s words carry the weight of years, and spell disaster for the opposition at every turn. Masters of the unexpected, Hearth’s team are far more unorthodox than any opponent would guess. Capable of sudden bursts of speed, breaking through the toughest defenses, or shrugging off crippling injuries in a wash of flame – their opponents will have a tough time disarming this master crafted arsenal.

• 6 Players: Alloy, Bolt, Burnish, Cast, Farris, Hearth
• 6 Player Cards
• Goal Token (Blacksmith's Post)
• 3D Terrain Piece (An Anvil)
• Tokens
• Health Dials for all players
• Ball (Cannister)

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