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Steamforged Previews Fathom for Navigator's Guild

In every Minor Guild, there's two players that can work with the Major Guild the team's tied to. Fathom is one of the two for the Navigator's Guild, being able to play up to the Fisherman's Guild, my personal favorite Guild. On that team, Angel is one of my favorite players, and almost always hits the pitch when I play. So, when I see that Fathom works very well with Angel, I'm like, "yes. This is a thing that pleases me." Check out all she can do in this new preview.

From the post:

Smooth sailings, friends! Welcome back to the SFG blog. Last week we sailed to the horizon to show you the card of, uh, Horizon. We hope that whet your appetite to see more of this eclectic, unique Guild! This week we're gonna be diving into the card of one of our personal favourite models ever, Fathom, the Waverunner.