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Steamforged Previews Farris and Bolt For Guild Ball

The game of Guild Ball is part rugby, part soccer, part football (and yes, I know many of you think that soccer and football are the same game, but you know what I'm talking about here), but in their upcoming expansion, the Blacksmiths are showing that it's also part polo. Farris takes to the field on her horse, along with her apprentice, Bolt. Dude flings horse shoes. Check 'em out.

Farris shows a lot of the classic hallmarks of being a Master Blacksmith. Primarily this is seen in the construction of her Playbook which has only five columns when Farris has a TAC attribute of . Additionally, Farris’ Playbook is punctuated by a variety of Momentous Play Icon, Push, and Knockdown results and has no Momentous damage results. We also see a very tough DEF and ARM which is backed up by Health Points, meaning that taking out Farris is no mean feat. However, Farris also competes with Ferrite for the title of the fastest Master Blacksmith with a MOV attribute of . The exceptionally high max-move of but fairly average base-move of illustrates the difference between the horse’s speed at a canter versus the horse’s speed at a gallop.

Unlike Farris, Bolt’s extremely high movement speed isn’t immediately obvious as he has a relatively low MOV attribute. Don’t worry about that just yet, that will become clear very soon. For now, let’s look at the other aspects of Bolt. To go along with his incredible speed, Bolt is a very capable goal scoring player for the Blacksmiths. He has a number of Momentous and non-Momentous Dodge results on his Playbook including a very handy Push-Dodge on his second column. With a solid TAC of he should be able to access these Dodge results quite reliably too. Bolt does have a single Momentous damage Playbook result, so he is capable of inflicting a low amount of Momentous damage, but this certainly isn’t his main focus. Bolt has one of the more accurate kicks in the Blacksmiths Guild too with an impressive KICK attribute.