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Steamforged Previews Devana For Guild Ball

Every team needs a captain. Someone needs to be in charge to lead the other players to victory. In the case of the Falconer's Guild, that falls to Devana. In this preview, we get a look at her rules and model, and see just how she interacts with the rest of her team. Arguably, the captain is the most important figure on the pitch, so that makes this the most important preview for the team.

From the post:

Devana may look a little unassuming at first, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Statistically she is fairly average, with a decent MOV, TAC, KICK, DEF, and ARM. A maximum cap of 5 influence is on the low end for a captain, but the reasons for that will become clear later on. Devana’s playbook tends to favour momentous damage which indicates that, along with her team, she tends to favour aiming for take outs rather than scoring goals.

Moving on to Devana’s character plays, we have a bit of a toolbox of options. In our previous blogs we have already seen the power of the Harrier character play and that part of the skill in playing with the Falconer’s Guild will be knowing where and when to place those Harrier AOEs. Devana mixes things up even more by being able to move friendly Harrier AOEs to a new location. Being able to reposition Harriers is fantastic for ensuring that the Falconers can get the maximum benefit from each one. For example, if an enemy model that was within a Harrier AOE moves out of it, Devana can position the Harrier AOE so that the enemy model is once again within it.