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Steamforged Previews Cinder For Guild Ball

Always two there are, master and apprentice. Where you find one, you will find the other. Recently, we got a preview of Furnace. He was the master. So, now we get a look at the apprentice. Her name's Cinder. She can, literally, blow up the ball and have another one kicked out onto the pitch. Let's take a further look.

From the preview:

Can You Smell Burning?

The last time you were introduced to an Apprentice Blacksmith you met Sledge, a man that can hit so hard with his giant hammer that he puts certain Norse gods to shame. Cinder is a very different breed of player altogether. However, like Sledge, Cinder has a number of thematic and visual ties to her Master. Where the Master Blacksmith Furnace chooses to arm himself with unfinished heated steel broadswords, his Apprentice Cinder wields a crossbow that fires bolts tipped with superheated steel heads. Cinder keeps her crossbow bolts heated in an even smaller forge that Furnace’s, strapped to Cinder’s back like an oversized fire spewing quiver.