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Steamforged Previews Cast For Blacksmith's Guild

The Blacksmith's Guild is different from the others in Guild Ball. Their teams are always made up of 3 Masters and 3 Apprentices. As each Master has a specific Apprentice they work with, there's a strong impetus to use the matching pairs. Well, we've seen the Master Burnish. So what's his apprentice like? Well, her name's Cast and you can get a look at her here.

From the post:

One of the earlier concepts for Cast was this idea of interlocking shields. Somehow, the pair of bladed shields that she wields could be combined with Burnish’s to present a tiny version of an ancient Roman Testudo. However, we never quite got to a version that we liked, that still presented something that represented the Blacksmiths Guild in the way we wanted. So instead we simplified the concept. Cast’s shields normally protect her from the searing heat of her Master’s works, so Cast adapted them to be the only tools she needs on the Pitch. Indeed, Apprentice Blacksmith shields tend to be smaller and less refined than those of the Master Blacksmiths, so Cast’s skill in both creating and wielding her bladed shields is a sign of her swift advancement through the ranks of the Guild.

It is Cast’s skill at arms that largely defines her as she smashes into enemies with her shields to knock them off balance, shove them back and generally gain ground in an almost gladiatorial fashion. Cast’s particular fighting style and skills heavily influenced her pose leaving her with a fairly wide and low yet guarded stance.