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Steamforged Previews Burnish for Blacksmith's Guild

It's getting cold here in Georgia. Well... cold for Georgia, anyway. Lots of my office mates are bundling up in coats and hats. I'm still in shorts and a t-shirt, because I'm from Chicago. But even I consider it to be getting a bit cool out. I'd certainly like to warm up a bit. And if I lived in the world of Guild Ball, Burnish would be just the sort of guy I'd talk to about that. He's an upcoming player for the Blacksmith's Guild, and you can get a look at him here.

From the post:

With Burnish we wanted to represent a slightly more modern aspect of working with metal, welding. Although we did need to turn a welding-based concept into an idea that would make more sense in the Empire of the Free Cities. We decided to combine the concept of welding with another tool that is often associated with Blacksmithing, a set of bellows. Combine these two together with a little imagination and there you go, medieval flamethrower!

In keeping with the theme of welding, it made sense for Burnish to have a more full-faced welder-like mask-helmet with flat and angular surfaces. This angular imagery also inspired the look of Burnish’s shield which has an almost riot police vibe to it. Bellows are of course usually a two handed instrument so we finished the concept off by attaching the flamethrower bellows to Burnish’s shield… yeah… we got a little carried away with our excitement to create something awesome with this one.