Steamforged Previews Bonesaw and Graves For Ratcatcher’s Guild

Well, ok, in a way, this isn’t so much a preview. Veteran Graves and Bonesaw have been around for quite a long time as part of the Mortician’s Guild. However, that doesn’t mean that things haven’t changed. The figures were originally created when the idea of Minor Guilds wasn’t around yet, and Veteran Graves, in particular, really needed a bit of touching up to really make him shine with the new team. So that’s what Steamforged has done, a touch-up.

From the post:

One of the coolest aspects of the Minor Guilds is that they link in with their associated Major Guilds. For the Ratcatchers, this means they get to use the Mortician models Bonesaw and Veteran Graves whenever they’re playing games. But how do these two models fit into the Ratcatcher’s Guild? Well, let’s find out!