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Steamforged Previews Anvil For Guild Ball

Well, Steamforged shows off most of Anvil, anyway. We got a little preview back when they first announced the Blacksmith's Guild, but now we're getting a little more. They're showing off the rest of the front of Anvil's card, along with the majority of the back of it.

From the preview:

What do we know about Anvil so far? With TAC and a Momentous knock-down Playbook result on his first column, Anvil is exceptionally good at putting people on their backsides. In addition, relatively easy access to the Singled Out Character Play, with a Momentous Playbook result on his third column, means that Anvil is ideally suited to setting up an enemy player for his Apprentice Sledge to take down with his monstrously powerful attacks. Anvil is fantastic at preparing targets for the rest of his team to annihilate, but he isn’t necessarily the best player to inflict take-downs himself since Anvil doesn’t have any Momentous damage on his Playbook.