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Steamforged Previews All Guild Identity Cards

Guild Identity cards give coaches in Guild Ball a new way to customize their team. Each Guild is starting out with 3 different Identities they can choose from, each one giving you a universal ability, from getting you more kicking distance to offering new ways to get VPs and just about anything in-between. We'd seen the first ones of these, but now Steamforged has posted up all of them for you to check out.

From the post:

Last week, we began the Guild Identities public preview, a sneak peek at an upcoming expansion to Guild Ball that allows coaches to add powerful new abilities to their entire team every time they play! If you missed the start of the Guild Identities public preview, you can find all the information on it HERE. When we revealed the Guild Identities, we only showed you a single card from each Guild, with the intent of allowing you to get a feel for the system and debate the impact of important aspects such as Heal Rates. We had originally intended to wait until next week to release the remaining cards; however, we have instead chosen to release all the remaining Guild Identities to you so you can start playing with them today!

I'm going to be testing at least one of those out tomorrow.