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Steamforged Games Taking Pre-orders For New Hunter's Guild Box

So, you probably already know by now that Guild Ball is one of my favorite games that exists right now. I've let my love for the game show numerous times. So when I opened my e-mail this morning and saw this in there, I let a very audible "SQUEEE!" Though, since I'm the only one here in the office (nobody else shows up until around 7:30 or so), nobody else heard it, thankfully.
But really.... SQUEE!!

Hunters II

From the post:

Light on their feet and menacing as the cold, this pack of hunters brings the sharp sting of winter to the sport. Their fearsome captain, Skatha, commands the pitch with slick footwork and a passing game as unrelenting as winter's howling winds. Opponents had best be wary with the ball against her pack. One misstep and their watchful protector Snow will fetch the ball and pass it to their feral striker, Ulfr. This lone huntsman lives for the rush of an ambush, targeting prey who stand between him and the goal post. To ensure their striker makes the shot, Veteran Hearne lies in wait, ready to ensnare his prey and show them the cruelty of winter. His furs now matted with frost, Hearne proves even the most ardent supporters of the Sun Father can be swayed by the Winter Queen.

The Heralds of the Winter's Moon expansion includes one metal model and stat card for each of the following (assembly required):

• Skatha — Captain (30mm)
• Veteran Hearne — Player (40mm)
• Ulfr — Player (30mm)
• Snow — Mascot (30mm)


• The followers of the Moon Goddess are natural born Guild Ballers, thanks to the skills of their new striker and new captain—say hello to more aggressive scoring strategies!
• Building on their guild's bestial theme, the Heralds of the Winter's Moon will make your dreams of a wolf sprinting for the ball a reality! (This new mascot also brings supportive abilities, ensuring your pack isn't sidelined with serious injuries.)
• If you're a Hunter who wants to maximize your team's scoring potential and wield the unforgiving power of the winter's moon, pre-order this expansion today.