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Steamforged Games Reopening Dark Souls Board Game Backerkit, Announce Dark Souls Card Game

Sort of a double-whammy of an update from Steamforged Games in this one. First, they're going to reopen their Backerkit for the board game. So if you're interested in picking up some more extras for it, including a couple new ones that they've got, this is your chance to do so at the Kickstarter prices. Second, they have announced that they are coming out with a Dark Souls card game. See? Told you it was a double-whammy.

From the announcement:

Hi unkindled,

We have a huge update today as the BackerKit will be re-opening and we can finally reveal our new product we have been teasing for weeks...

BackerKit Re-Opening

The BackerKit will Re-Open at 20:00BST (14:00EST) Today!

After receiving your survey responses and the emails into support it was obvious that a lot of backers wanted to purchase additional Add-On products. We have worked tirelessly with BackerKit over the last few weeks to develop this functionality and we are now ready! A big shout out to BackerKit for their work on creating this new system.

We have had a separate internal development team working on Dark Souls™: The Card Game for the last year at Steamforged HQ. We are so glad we can finally announce the product to the world.

Not only this, but we have decided to offer this product for pre-order via the BackerKit at a discounted price (£29.95, MSRP £35) and delivered ahead of its retail release.

Delivery is currently planned for February 2018 to backers, with a Retail Release in March/April 2018. This product will not ship with the Wave 2 of Dark Souls™: The Board Game products due to the different planned delivery window. As such, there will be an additional shipping charge if purchasing this product.

This product will also be offered for a limited time period to non-backers of the project (2 weeks) via our normal sales channels so if you have friends who missed out on this Kickstarter but would still like access early to this new product let them know!