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Steamforged Games Previews Sledge For Guild Ball

The little previews of the upcoming Blacksmith's Guild continue. Anvil and Sledge are the two starter figures that are being shown, slowly but surely. This time around, we get a look at the full front of the stat card for Sledge.

From the preview:

We’ve explained in each of our previous articles on the Blacksmiths that they’re at their best when the Masters set up a target, or take possession of the ball, and the Apprentices annihilate the target, or score a goal. While Sledge has quite good KICK attributes at , he specialises in dealing enormous amounts of damage with his brutal melee attacks. We have seen how Anvil can help Sledge to unlock his terrifying potential, through knocking down a target and using the Singled Out Character Play on them. But just how good is Sledge with that hammer of his?