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Steamforged Games Previews Seasoned Brisket For Guild Ball

Yes, they already make a joke about "seasoned brisket" in their post. So I don't really need to make another one here. Suffice to say that, having left the Butcher's Guild, it might seem as though Brisket was going to be out of Guild Ball. That's definitely not the case, as she's showing up as the new Union captain.

From the preview:
After much speculation, we are excited to announce today that the newest Union Captain is none other than… Brisket! She is the first Guild Ball model to have a third version of her rules, and not only did Brisket switch from playing for the Butchers to playing for the Union, but she also became a team Captain, thanks to the outcome of the Butcher’s Civil War, a community campaign we ran earlier this year.