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Steamforged Games Previews Season 3 Boar

Guild Ball is getting basically a new edition when Season 3 comes out early next year. Several game fundamentals have changed (like the player who doesn't get initiative at the start of the round gaining a Momentum, the change to placement of Icy Sponge tokens on player's health tracks, and how Mascots now get Icy Sponge tokens and thus can be returned to the pitch). And every player is being reevaluated. In this preview, we get a look at the Butcher's Guild big bruiser extraordinaire, Boar.

Nothing super-major changed on his card, but plenty of little things did. His playbook is shorter. You might think that means he has fewer options, and technically it does, but it also means it's easier for him to wrap around when he attacks, which will actually give him more options. His Regeneration also changed to Life Drinker, so he has to actually do damage to get some health back. He lost Hamstring, but the designers realized that basically nobody was using it, anyway. And that's one thing we get to see in the preview: a real look into some of the major philosophies that went into this new season and how players have been changed. The designers have had several years and thousands of games played to see what is and isn't working with Guild Ball and are adjusting things accordingly.

I, for one, look forward to our Season 3 overlords.