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Steamforged Games Previews January Guild Ball Releases

Steamcon is coming up in a couple weeks. There, players will get the first chance to really sink their teeth into Season 3. They'll be able to pick up Kick Off!, the new 2-player starter set and see what all changes have been made to the game. Well, Steamforged also just sent out a preview of what they'll be coming out with in January. And I, for one, am as giddy as a schoolcub.

So, what sort of goodies are we getting? Well, for everyone, we're getting a new card pack that will update everyone's stats to the Season III format, as well as implementing the various rules changes that have taken place (such as only having one Icy Sponge token on your health track). Then, there's a pair of players that'll be released. As Kick Off! is the Brewers and the Masons, those are the two teams that get new figures. So if you got yourself a Kick Off! set and want to expand, you'll have that option with the first couple new releases. No stats on them yet, unfortunately.

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