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Steamforged Games Previews 3D Render For Tater

Gen Con is coming. It'll be here before we know it. And with that will come all sorts of cool, new minis for people to pick up. The one that many people are looking forward to from Steamforged Games is Tater, the first mini to be released for the Farmer's Guild for Guild Ball. We've seen the art, but now we've got a 3D render, as well as a bit of info about how he'll play on the field.


One thing to note: while previous previews have said that Tater will play for any team, it's looking like that'll be a short-term case. So he's not like a Union player that can play for multiple Guilds. This is a "well, the rest of the team isn't available yet, so you can just use him with anyone for now." I.E. - it's for casual play only.

That aside, what info do we get about how he plays? Well, we've gotten hints about Harvest Tokens, which are special tokens the Farmers can "plant" that can later be "reaped" for some sort of benefit on the field. Some Farmers players will only be able to do one or the other. But Tater will be able to do both, giving him some self-sufficiency on the field, as well as giving you a good chance to see how those tokens will work when the Farmers are released with Season 3, coming next spring.

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