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Steamforged Games Posts New Kick Off Previews

Kick Off is the new 2-player starter set coming out next month for Guild Ball. It's going to be a great place for new players to jump into the game, getting them and a buddy a full team and all the extra tokens, pitch, and dice to get you playing. "So what? I already have the game." you might say. Well, to that, I'd reply with, "You'll still really want to take a look at what's coming out, since they've updated the players' stat cards and the game's rules, too."

If you've got any of those players already, you'll want to get out their stat card and check. Things have changed. First, you'll notice a new layout for the cards. It's a bit cleaner, overall, and that should make them easier to read. But it's not just colors and layout that've changed. Players will now only have one Icy Sponge token on their card. The location of that spot has also moved around a bit, generally more towards the middle of the health track. Also, various abilities have been changed on the players. We get just a couple previews so far, but it will be interesting how other players change.

So Kick Off isn't just a starter box. It's also sort of the first part of Season III. As such, Steamforged is taking the opportunity to start integrating rules changes and updates to the game. I, for one, can't wait to see what all gets updated in the game.

Also, along with all that, the Locker Room (where they keep their special show deals) is open again while the crew's at Essen. So if you want show-special items, now's your chance to get them.

Kick Off Preview 1
Kick Off Preview 2
Locker Room