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Steamforged Games Posts More Season 3 Guild Ball Previews

Season 3 is shaping up to shake the foundations of Guild Ball. Some fundamentals of the game are getting a bit of an overhaul. One of those is in how mascots work. Currently, mascots don't come back to the field when taken out. This can leave a team with a permanent lack of players on the field (assuming one team keeps their own mascot safe and far away from the other team). However, with the change to Icy Sponge placement, including Mascots now getting them, that will change a lot of tactics.

Here you can see four mascots and how they'll be changing for the new season. Fahad there is the only one from Season II. The others are Season I. Besides the aforementioned addition of Icy Sponge icons, the mascots got a couple other changes. Mostly, anyone with Beloved Creature had a change. Now it gives +1 TAC to the whole team when the mascot takes damage.
Another general rule that's been updated is that Mascots only give 1 VP when Taken Out. So you don't have to worry about your opponent just beating up on your weakest player over and over again for big points gains.