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Steamforged Games Posts Guild Ball Balance Update

Nothing is perfect. And the more complex something is, the more chances that something not being quite right getting through. Well, miniatures games can be pretty complex, and sometimes things need to be fixed. Guild Ball has a lot of interactions that go on, and some of them have been deemed a bit too powerful. So Steamforged has fixed the errors, as well as posted up a bit about why they made the decisions they did.

From the announcement:

We’re 8 months into Guild Ball Season 3, and we’ve seen some pretty exciting stuff. The Kick Off! two-player starter set is driving an increase in community size and we’ve seen some incredible Guild Ball events happening around the world including the first ever Guild Ball World Team Championship. More recently, the Pitch Formations beta test has been getting everyone excited for new ways to play Guild Ball. If you missed the latest update to Pitch Formations, you can find it HERE. Today, using knowledge gained from the last 8 months of Guild Ball Season 3, we’re revealing some changes that we’re making to existing Guild Ball players. We will also be talking you through why these changes have been made.