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Steamforged Games Announces New Paint Line

Well, it's always good to have options. This certainly is the case with paints. I remember doing editing on Ravage US painting articles. The painters always used a variety of paint brands. Some liked certain shades that the company made for somethings, but liked the coverage given by another for various other things, and sometimes shades and washes from a third or fourth company. So for those that want more options, Steamforged Games has announced they're coming out with their own paint line.

The paint line is being designed with the help of Meg Maples. The paint line will include classic paints, inks, metallic colors, and technical mixes (not entirely sure what those are, but more details are forthcoming). Along with the new paints, the Steamforged crew are also working on new 54mm versions of some of their Guild Ball miniatures in order for you to really be able to show off what the new paint line can do.