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Steamforged Games Announces 2-Player Starter Set

I have, time and again, talked about my love of 2-player starter sets. They're an excellent way to get you and a friend involved in a game immediately. Many miniatures games have 2-player starters, and I genuinely do think it helps get more players involved in their games. My first miniatures purchase was a 2-player starter set. Well, Steamforged Games is entering the world of the 2-player starter set with Kick Off for Guild Ball.

When it comes to 2-player starters, this one's a bit more comprehensive than a lot of them I know, really. You get two full Guild Ball teams (Masons and Brewers) that are pre-assembled in plastic, a pitch to play on (double-sided, even), the rulebook, a "Captain's Handbook", character cards, 128 tokens (the game does tend to use a lot of those), several templates as well as measuring widgets, and dice.

All of that for just under £50.

Pre-orders can be made at your local gaming shop, and presumably soon on the Steamforged website.