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Steamforged Announces Union In Chains Worldwide Event

Last year, Steamforged ran their The Butcher's Civil War event, with players all over the world throwing their support either behind Brisket or Fillet. This year, the scope of their worldwide event is a bit more extensive. The Union, the "mercenaries" of the Guild Ball world, are the center of attention, as various players might be looking to make a permanent home with one of the other Guilds. But who will win these news players? That's up to you to decide.

From the post:

Last year we ran The Butcher Civil War, and the community rallied behind Brisket to restore order to the Butcher’s Guild. This year we will be advancing the timeline with The Union in Chains, and the Empire of the Free Cities will never be the same again…

Choose a Guild. Play Games. Secure New Talent.

This year you will be competing to attract a member of the Union to your chosen Guild. The results of which will influence the world of Guild Ball forever!

Each week we will be updating the storyline and showing how your Guild is progressing. We’ll also be showing off the alternate sculpts that you could win for your Guild!