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Steamforged Announces Rookie League Event

People love to see characters grow and change over time. That's the whole point of the narrative structure for a story. In Guild Ball, we've seen how numerous characters have progressed along (including now taking dirt naps, because the Guild Ball fluff is the Game of Thrones of miniatures sports games). But what about heading the other direction? By that, I mean taking characters we know and seeing where they came from. That's what the Rookie League is all about.

From the announcement:

At the beginning of a new Rookie League, and each time a new coach joins a League in progress, each coach selects a single Guild to use throughout the duration of the League. Each Guild has one pre-set player that has a number of different progression paths that they can choose to follow during the course of the League. However, the path that the player progresses through must be chosen at the start of the League. If a coach wishes to change their player’s progression path, they must start right back at the beginning with a Rookie-level player! The players for the inaugural Rookie League are:

Alchemist’s Guild – Venin
Blacksmith’s Guild – Ferrite
Brewer’s Guild – Mash
Butcher’s Guild – Boiler
Engineer’s Guild – Salvo
Farmer’s Guild – Windle
Fishermen’s Guild – Jac
Hunter’s Guild – Zarola
Mason’s Guild – Chisel
Mortician’s Guild – Ghast
The Union – Fangtooth