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Steamforged Announces More Guild Ball Starter Team Sets

Steamforged is looking to repackage some of their old kits in order to do a couple things: make it easier for a player to know what they need to field a basic team and make it easier for stores, since they won't have as many SKUs on the shelf and in their catalog (note: those are just my guesses, but I think they're pretty safe guesses). There'd already been some teams that they're moving over to this new format, but they've now announced with the rest will be joining in, as well as the contents of those sets.

From the announcement:

From the lure of gold to the shadow of a tyrant, it's never been easier to find your Guild and hit the pitch. Friday, July 21 four more expanded starter sets are coming to a game store near you! Creepy and controlling undertakers, nefarious mercenaries, explosive alchemists, primal hunters—which playstyle fits you?