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Steamforged Announces Gameplan Deck For Guild Ball

Guild Ball is getting a bit of a shake-up this morning. Steamforged had mentioned the Gameplan deck, but the details were thin on the ground. Now they've been fully revealed. The deck replaces the Guild Plots from the game, but also change how Initiative works at the start of a turn. They can even change how much Influence a player has during their turn. It's a little change that makes big changes in the potential for the game.

From the post:

Today is the first section of a 2-part blog about updates to our Regional Cup Organised Play document, as well as a day a lot of you have been waiting for. Today, we’re going to explain fully how Game Plan cards work as well as revealing the entire deck! Awesome!

The full release of our updated Regional Cup document will take place next week, however, from today you will be able to download and play games with the Game Plan deck. Tournament Organisers can, at their discretion, start using the Game Plan deck in their events from now!