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SteamCraft RPG: The Supplements Edition up on Kickstarter

Perilous Journeys has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for SteamCraft RPG: The Supplements Edition. They've made their goal already, so it's stretches for the next 20 days.



From the campaign:

Perilous Journeys is pleased to announce the launch of SteamCraft RPG: The Supplements Edition Kickstarter. SteamCraft puts the punk into steampunk games by allowing the players to play in an actual punk world. In the spirit of Gibson and Sterling's The Difference Engine, SteamCraft takes you to an alternate, dystopian world where gears, goggles, and airships dominate life. The Industrial Age is joined by an early Information Age, combining into a gritty world where corporations use technological advances to amass hordes of wealth and power at the expense of the working class.

The purpose of the Kickstarter is to speed up the development and release of supplements for SteamCraft. If you missed our first Kickstarter, do not fret because the reward tiers are designed to cater to new and existing SteamCraft fans.