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SteamCon Tickets Now Available

Steamforged Games has a couple announcements going on today. They're some pretty big announcements, so they've gotten all dressed up for it (of sorts). A lot of my friends are going crazy over Guild Ball. I've got some winging its way to me now, actually. Can't wait to give it a try. Anyway, on to the update.

So, for that "getting dressed up" thing, it wasn't really just a metaphor. The have updated the look of their website. Fancy and all that. They've added a bunch of new content for you to go check out as well.

Along with that, the Season 1 Reprint cards are available to download. These cards have been updated to the Season 2 look, as well as incorporating any errata and changes that were deemed necessary. The cards will be available for purchase next week.

Last, but certainly not least, is that SteamCon Priority Ticket sales are now available. For those that'd like to get in on that, there's a sign-up on the new website.