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Steam Knight premieres from Kabuki Models

Kabuki Models has been showing off previews, but now the time has come to finally premier the Steam Knight.

From the premier:
Note: Don't answer here. Answer on their Facebook event page in the link.
So the Steam Knight is ready and soon we will receive the master units for the mass production, one of them could be your!!!
Win the riddle and you can buy the master unit "000", be the first to own and paint the Steam knight!
Cost is 39,99euro plus 8,00euro for signed and insured shipping (worldwide).

the question is simple, the Steam Knight (base excluded) is composed by how many parts?
A - 8
B - 11
C - 13

The riddle is open to all our Facebook fans and you can only post 1 answer to the riddle, start today at 12.00 and ends on 28th at 23.45

Go! Go! Go!

From me: Again, answers should be posted in their Facebook event page.