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Stay Out of My Dungeon Board Game Up On Kickstarter

When you're a goblin, you just want to build dungeons. It's sort of a thing. But the first time around, that dungeon might not be the best. Sure, you think the pit traps are deep enough, the moat wide enough, and the catapults strong enough. But then the King's guards come and you find out your pit traps are just pot holes, the moat's only a half-foot wide, and the catapults are just some bent-over saplings. But you get yourself back together, grab your other goblin friends, and build back up once again, this time making your dungeon better than ever. That's what you've got going on with Stay Out of My Dungeon (in-game and metaphorically, that is). They've launched a new Kickstarter campaign that's running now.

I say "new," because the first time out, things were a little off. So the folks at 2HandsomeGames went and reconfigured some things and are back with a new campaign. In the game, players are working together (probably) in order to build their goblin dungeon. Thing is, the King has heard about it and is on his way with his royal guard in order to plunder it. You and your other goblins must make sure that the defenses are up to par for when the guards get there. However, there's possibly a spy among you. You'll have to keep an eye on your fellow builders, as everyone's got a secret agenda they're following.

This second-launch campaign is doing much better than the previous. They're already 3x funded. There's plenty of time to check it out and decide if you're wanting in, as there's still 55 days left to go in the campaign.