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Stay Out of My Dungeon Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Making a dungeon isn't easy. And you've always got adventurers coming in to come and grab your stuff and kill your pets. Only through teamwork will you be able to create a nigh-impregnable dungeon. And that's just the task set in front of you in Stay Out of My Dungeon, a new cooperative fantasy board game up on Kickstarter by 2 Handsome Games.

The ones looking to attack your dungeon aren't just your standard. I mean, sure, there's townsfolk with pitchforks and torches, or questing knights, or wizards, but there's also ninja cats, flaming pigs, and (scariest of them all) insurance adjusters. In order to win, you must be able to defend your dungeon against the King's Royal Guard. To keep people out, you need to build the three greatest defensive measures of all time: the Sharkodile Moat, the Parasitic Poison Trap, and the Hell Bringer Flame Thruster 3000. Do that, and you win. Fail and... well... don't fail.

But might not be all as it seems, as there's potentially a spy among the goblins. You'll have to be on the watch for one trying to sabotage all you're working toward.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now and is set to go for the next 29 days.