State of CMON panel

The next panel is “The State of CMON.”
As before, I’ll be updating as we go along.

David Doust and Spencer Reeve.
David: we’ve grown quickly grown the past few years, from 2 employees to about 15. It’s been mostly through Kickstarters. It’s surges.
A small year in review:
We tend to run complicated campaigns.
2013 had 4-5 Kickstarters. Sedition Wars was very popular, but we underestimated our fulfillment capabilities.
Then was Rivet Wars, which did well, but because of Monster, it could have done better. It’s a great entry level game.
Next was Guilds of Cadwallon, which was meant to just be a quick, simple campaign.
Zombicide 2 did very well, and fulfillment is done for that.
We had our first CMON Expo, which we always want to be a fun, intimate, more relaxed convention.
Dark Age got a reboot, which is our flagship game. Much more is to come for that. We are fully committed to it, with monthly releases. Dark Age and Wrath of Kings will probably be our only two tabletop minis games.
Kaosball was the first game with Eric Lang. We’re excited to have that fulfilled in the US now.
Wrath of Kings is a little behind. We’re looking at August or September.
And on our campaigns being late, we’re learning more and more each time. Each time we have more ready to go and planned ahead more each time.

Spencer: the amount that bought into the game is big. It’s a lot heftier of a project as opposed to a board game. We’ve listened to feedback and have fixed rules and sculpts.

David: we would rather be late with a good product than deliver on time and people have buyer remorse. We want a quality end product.

Spencer: people have switched with Rivet Wars. People were mad it was late, but when they got the game, they were happy.
Moving into 2014, we’ve had Arcadia Quest, which was a big success. The change was that it was a shorter campaign.

David: we’d seen a pattern where there is the “mid campaign lull.” Shorter campaigns mean shorter lulls and more excitement overall.

Spencer: with Arcadia quest, we got to a point where we were out of stretch goals. If the game was to be on time, it had to have an end.

David: moving back to Dark Age, we have dedication for regular monthly releases.

Spencer: next was Dogs of War, which was another success. It’s a departure from our usual as it’s a euro-style with a lot of strategies to get you to win.

David: XenoShyft is our first deck builder. This game is cooperative for 1-4 players. You play to fight off the aliens with a collective pool of hit points for your base.
This is our first card game. We used one artist for the marines and one for the aliens to keep a cohesive look.

Spencer: moving forward, we have our 2nd Expo. We want to keep it to maybe 500 people to keep the intimate feeling of the show.
Ron and Bones is next.

Dave: we have been working on this for a while. It’s our next minis board game. It’s super-chill and fun.

Spencer: captures a MOBA/League of Legends feel. You don’t die, you just respawn.
Moving forward again, June/July will be Zombicide Season 3. Then there’s Rivet Wars Western Front.
wrath of Kings will be August/september. Arcadia Quest is on time now. Dogs of War may be early. XenoShyft will be this fall. Zombicide 3 will be late this year.

Spencer: soon to be revealed…
Stop the Truck. Mad Max type of thing where you try to get away from raiders. Old-school feel for Spycraft.
Sedition wars expansion. We will be helping a lot more with the rules to made it feel more like a board game, but still entice minis gamers. Easier to understand overall.

David: we greatly appreciate our customers and thank you tons. We love what we do and we want it to show with the quality products we make.
Thank you.