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Starmada: Fleet Ops details posted

Starmada: Fleet Ops coverMJ12 Games have posted some details of their upcoming Starmada: Fleet Ops game. From their website: Those of you on Facebook will by now have noticed the work in progress that is the Starmada: Fleet Ops cover... which brings up the question: "What is Fleet Ops?" This is something that was always planned as part of the Admiralty release, but never got finished. Essentially, it is a faster-playing, larger-scale version of Starmada, with a minimum of record keeping. You can track an entire fleet on a single sheet of paper. Everything from Starmada (well, nearly everything -- still figuring out what to do with dual-mode weapons) is directly portable to SFO, so you can easily convert your favorite ship designs to their fleet-scale counterparts and fight larger battles than ever. (Converting from SFO "up" to Starmada is not as easy, since there are some design decisions to be made, instead of a straight translation.) In case you're wondering, each SFO hex equals two Starmada hexes; each SFO game turn equals 1.5 Starmada turns; and each SFO hull point equals 1.5 Starmada hull points.