Starline 2500 previews

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 30th, 2011

Amarillo Design Bureau have posted images of a rendering of a Romulan War Eagle as well as a cast Federation CA for the new Starline 2500 range of miniatures.

  • youlooklikeanail

    Wasn’t the rationale for the scale change that it would properly showcase the amazing new level of detail achievable with the new digital sculpts? Because I gotta say, I’m un-amazed at the new level of detail achieved. It’s an improvement, but it doesn’t hold a candle to what people like Spartan are doing. It honestly doesn’t look that much nicer than the FASA models I got way back when.

    The scale difference between the two is less than I expected, though. They may not be that hard to use with the older stuff after all, assuming this is representative of the size in production.

    • Zac

      Spartan’s figures are all in resin though. It can hold detail a lot better than metal and Spartan have made a lot of advances in their casting. So I don’t know that the comparison is fair.

      It might be nice to see the metal figures washed so you get a better idea of the detail of them

  • dburton

    I’d actually say it looks worse than the FASA ships. Notice the flash on the body of the starship and the misshape or miscast on the saucer section (left side). While there does seem to be some better detailing, the casting they showcase leaves one heck of a lot to be desired.

    • trajan

      I have to agree with this. In fact, there wasn’t anything wrong with the old FASA models. The versions of those that weren’t so good was the ones that Games Workshop cast under licence.

    • corsair117

      It’s been stated on the mongoose site that the ship shown is a prototype so your complaints are moot as the shown model isn’t what they’ll be releasing for the game. Might at least wanna wait until the actual models are shown before getting worked up over how bad the models look…

      Here’s the thread in fact

      • Zac

        It’s been stated on the mongoose site that the ship shown is a prototype so your complaints are moot

        How so? Are they going to suddenly have more detail?

        And I don’t exactly believe that comment that this is a prototype. Maybe I just don’t understand the process but typically you create resin masters or prototypes for figures because it is cheaper to produce. I’ve not ever seen anyone produce metal prototypes for figures that are meant to be in resin.

  • The level of detail doesn’t strike me as very important really considering this is supposed to be a classic Star Trek style for ships right? The original series ships weren’t very detailed really.

    Now if they are taking liberty with the designs and adding detail to them where there wasn’t before then I can see why they’d be aiming for a process that gives more detail.

    The 2500 Federation ship might be evidence of that approach, since it does seem to have a lot more detail than the ships of the original series (and of the 2400 line ships)But I actually think I prefer the look of the 2400 interpretation than the 2500 which seems over armored. The Romulan ship looks in line with the original series: not much detail really and pretty smooth, but the federation ship doesn’t, so I’m confused about the direction and goal.

    • Splat

      They most certainly are adding ‘detail’

      Look at the nacelle – it’s got vertical banding on it that I don’t recall from original blueprint shots. But I may be wrong. But at least it is fine lined.

      My problem is that this ‘detail’ looks like it was put in with a router as opposed to digitally added.

      Any detail they want to add to get past the shapes-with-bumps-for-weaopn-mounts is great. But making it fine detail is the key. Those grooves on the saucer do not look like panel lines. They look like phaser damage.

      I am saddened by the new look on the Federation Cruiser. I’d keep with the old as opposed to making larger more crude looking minis.

      I do have to agree though – the Romulan looks nice.

      IMHO at least.

  • Bob

    I’m happy to see that the scale change is not too significant (I’d play with these on the same table as the 2400 ships, although I’m notoriously not-picky).

    That said, I’m not sure that gain in detail is really that great. The prototype is more detailed (although TOS ships weren’t so detailed…) but not appreciably moreso than, say, some of the Galoob micromachines from STTMP.

    Mostly I’m left wondering “why bother”? The Marxist in me wonders if the scale change and modest improvements are just designed to generate some new cashflow from an old line: some will upgrade to the new ships and some will buy up 2400-line models before they are discontinued. Basically ADB is manufacturing (pardon the pun) a bump in sales.

    I suppose they are quite entitled to do that, but it isn’t something I’m keen on supporting.