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Starbright releases Steampunk RPG book for Fate system

Starbright has released a new Steampunk-themed RPG book for the Fate system.


From the release:

Work has just been completed on the latest addition to the Starbright stable of Role-Playing Game titles, and this time the spotlight has fallen on steampunk. The game is even called Steampunk powered by FATE, just so there’s no confusion.

This is a steampunk setting for Fate Core, with the FATE rules baked in. Fate is a generic role-playing game system designed to offer the least possible obstruction to role-playing. Fate has a large number of innovative gaming mechanics. This game includes the Fate Core rules and a steampunk setting in one integrated package.

Steampunk powered by Fate is set on an alternative Earth in the future where technology has not changed much from that of Victorian times, but has become much more advanced. Humanity has made the jump off planet, but only as far as Mars. It's a dangerous world, full of guttersnipes, clockwork robots, dirigibles, Martians and gas masks.

This distinctive background, with a gritty, steampunk feel, integrates beautifully with the Fate rules to create an intense future world of adventure where the GM's and players' imaginations can run wild.

This PDF includes everything needed to start playing, with character creation rules, maps of Imperial territories on Earth and Mars, gear, and vehicles.